<![CDATA[Random History]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/ Sat, 20 Dec 14 16:21:32 -0800en-usShuRecent Randomhistory Articles <![CDATA[The King of Condiments:: A History of Ketchup]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/ketchup-history.html Just south of downtown Collinsville, Illinois, on Route 159 stands a 70-foot steel ketchup bottle on top of a 100-foot tower. Painted on the side of the bottle is the label Brooks Tomato Catsup. With a holding capacity of 100,000 gallons, it is the largest ketchup container in the world (Wince). However, it has never held any ketchup. It is a water tower in the shape of a ketchup bottle, meant ...]]> Wed, 26 Nov 2014 15:12:28 -0800 <![CDATA[Organizing America: A History of the ZIP Code]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/zip-code-history.html In 1962, Elvis Presley had a hit song Return to Sender, which he performed in the film Girls! Girls! Girls! The song is about a man mailing a letter to his girlfriend after an argument. She keeps writing on the letter Return to sender. In one of the verses of the song, Elvis sings no such number, no such zone. (Presley). The phrase no such zone refers to the one of the most important i...]]> Fri, 25 Jul 2014 17:21:38 -0700 <![CDATA[The Reckoning of Time: A History of the Calendar]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/calendar-history.html In the year 1267, an English friar named Roger Bacon wrote a letter to Pope Clement IV, in which he appealed to the pontiff to correct a problem with time itself. According to his calculations, Bacon figured that the current Julian calendar was 11 minutes longer than the actual solar year. Bacon figured that this miscalculation amounted to an error of an entire day every 125 yearswhich, he figu...]]> Thu, 15 May 2014 17:09:40 -0700 <![CDATA[Grappling with the Void: A History of Zero]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/zero-history.html As the end of 1999 approached, world media became more and more concerned with the notion of Y2K, or the Millennium Bug. This concern centered on the number zero (0). When programmers initially wrote the computer code that would control some of our most important daily functions such as transportation and banking, they were frugal in using memory space. When it came to dating any process that c...]]> Tue, 21 Jan 2014 00:43:46 -0800 <![CDATA[The Final Frontier of Dining: A History of Pizza]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/history-of-pizza.html Etymology and Origins

If there is a food that is simultaneously a dish, a symbol, and a ritual, that food is pizza (Silver Spoon). Beloved worldwide, there is no better known type of cuisine than pizza. Pizza itself originated in the area of todays Israel (Israel, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria) where the pizza was first called pita, a simple flatb...]]> Sun, 01 Dec 2013 12:24:47 -0800 <![CDATA[A History of Popcorn: From Native Domestication through the Rise of Redenbacher]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/popcorn-history.html American History magazine contributor Joseph Gustaitis says it best when he suggests that popcorn may be Americas national food. Corn, from which popcorn is derived, is a species native to the Western Hemisphere and was introduced to European colonists by indigenous peoples. But corn wasnt widely popped by Anglo-Saxon people in America until the middle of the nineteenth century. In its...]]> Fri, 01 Feb 2013 13:32:41 -0800 <![CDATA[From the Old Course to the World: The History of Golf]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/history-of-golf.html Hushed crowds several rows deep line the greens of one of the worlds pre-eminent golf courses. The golfer, sporting clearly branded apparel, drops down to her stomach to size up the topography of the perfectly manicured green. She practices a couple of strokes before stepping up to the ball. The sound of the club face striking the ball pops lightly but audibly, sending the ball on its jour...]]> Wed, 21 Sep 2011 06:24:59 -0700 <![CDATA[From Competitive Snurfer to Vancouver: The History of Snowboarding]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/history-of-snowboarding.html Its difficult to imagine early humans shredding mountain slopes onprimitive snow equipment of any kind, and certainly not a snowboard. Earlycivilizations in the colder northern latitudes did develop methods for movementand transport over snow, and the human cultural impulse for play suggests eventhe earliest humans must have enjoyed sliding down snowy slopes. Though thereare early versions of s...]]> Tue, 17 May 2011 04:35:34 -0700 <![CDATA[A World Secured: A History of the Zipper from Novelty to Ubiquity]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/zipper-history.html Its not an exaggeration to say its as common as blue jeans. In fact, its really as common as pants. And while the button fly still has its fans, the zipper is truly the fastener of choice among wearers of pants, dresses, shirts, jackets, and any other article of clothing that needs a good, reliable close. Zippers, not limited in use to clothing, are among the defining inventions that resul...]]> Thu, 10 Mar 2011 04:40:44 -0800 <![CDATA[Same-Sex Unions throughout Time: A History of Gay Marriage]]> http://www.randomhistory.com/history-of-gay-marriage.html Historians of same-sex marriage take great care to place the modern debate over the legality of gay marriage into an historical framework. The debate has taken on a sharply political dimension in recent years, a culmination of some 40 years of heightened tension surrounding the cultural question. That question is not easily answered because it is complicated by societal and individual inte...]]> Fri, 04 Feb 2011 07:32:10 -0800