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Request a Topic

<p>If you cannot find the history or facts you're looking for on our site, you may commission us to write an article for you. It generally takes about a month to deliver the article. At your optional request, if you have a Web site or page, we will provide a link to your site as a commissioner of the article, as well.</p> <p>The commission amount depends on the party commissioning the article, whether it be an individual, commercial business, educational instiution, or some other organization. If you are involved in a non-profit organization and would like an article written for the organization, we may be willing to write the article without compensation. You may choose either the history or fact list format for the article.</p><p>Please note that we reserve the right to reject any commission request.</p><p>If you are interested in commissioning an article with us, please contact us at <a href="mailto:contact@randomhistory.com">contact@randomhistory.com</a>. We generally respond to all inquiries within 2 business days.</p>